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Prosperity and Abundance at the Beverly Hilton for Mother’s Day

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If you’re a mother like me, the best way to spend your Mother’s Day is without your children…

I was blessed this year to manifest a Mother’s Day trip to Beverly Hills with some dear friends.

I set the intention to meet buyers for TheWill2Wow Healing Crystal Jewelry line and I came home with 5 emails which includes the buyer for Macy’s!!!!  

It was a much-needed break from the normal day-to-day schedule.

Everything was just beautiful!

I manifested this trip to Beverly Hills at the iconic Beverly Hilton by being in the flow of abundance and doing the activities we’ll be talking about in the Prosperity Challenge.  We’re talking about mantras, crystal grids, mindset, crystals and more. 

Being in the flow of abundance, joy and laughter was so amazing, especially for Mother’s Day weekend.

crystal healing pyrite for prosperity

The crystal of the week is Pyrite.

Pyrite is an amazing stone that is attracts wealth, protects your energy and helps you attract good luck, wealth and abundance!

The Prosperity Challenge will be starting in just two days on May 17th!

The Prosperity Challenge will be all about tapping into the flow instead of the fear when it comes to money and abundance.

You’re in for a treat!  I’ve been preparing this for you for over a month now and have some special content and prizes in store…

During the challenge, we will include crystals to attract wealth & prosperity, affirmations, Feng Shui…

You’ll learn how to create your own Prosperity Crystal Grid, essential oil recommendations and more!

We are going to be facing our fears when it comes to money, wealth and abundance.

Full Moon in Scorpio Means Big Changes in Your Life

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This week’s Full Moon in Scorpio is all about transformation and a big turning point in your life. 

Harness the energy of this full moon and commit to your highest good for a lasting impact and turning point in your year.  Remember that change is always uncomfortable!  It’s completely normal to feel a little “off-kilter” but that feeling will soon pass as the new you becomes your new normal.

After the Full Moon, you may experience a greater awareness of your life path and the role that you play into the bigger picture.  

With Mercury out of retrograde, communications will flow easier, ideas will come to you quickly and easily and tapping into your personal power will feel more natural than ever before.

This is a great time to write down concrete goals and then decide to go after them with conviction.  You are stretching and growing and stepping into the power of your higher self.  

🌝 Full Moons are all about releasing!!

Full Moon Releasing Ritual:

1. Write down all that does not serve you any more on a piece of paper. This can include attitudes, emotions, people, relationships, illness, pain, habits, addictions… Anything that you want to release.

2. Go outside and burn the paper, releasing the things that do not serve you back to the universe. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings for fire safety reasons. Some people like to douse the ashes with salt water for an additional connection to the earth & sea.

3. Say thank you. So now that you have written where you need more balance and fairness in matters of love, now wrote what you need to release to make this happen for yourself! What is weighing you down? What is not serving your highest good? .

As always set the crystals outside over the next couple of nights for a full moon bath and charge!!

“Full moon shining bright, let your light cleanse my sight. Attract new beginnings to my life”

By putting the crystals under the energy of the full moon, you are helping them release their energies that have built up over the last cycle so that they may begin to attract new energies and beginnings for you.

Recommended crystals for the Full Moon in Scorpio:

Amethyst, Labradorite and Smokey Quartz

Amethyst helps you make decisions and has a strong healing vibration.

Labradorite brings subconscious issues to the conscious for transformation.

Smokey Quartz rids your body of negative thoughts and emotions.

Read more about the power of the May full moon on the EarthChild blog >>

I love how it references that most full moons are about releasing but this full moon is about reaching deeper realms and and ancestors.


May is also the month of wealth and prosperity.

Some people even call May the “Money Month”.  

To tap into the abundance and prosperity of May, I’m hosting the Prosperity Challenge.

Theerit Prospy Challenge will be starting May 17th!

This is a great time of year to plant the seeds of prosperity for the rest of the year!

During the challenge, we will include crystals to attract wealth & prosperity, affirmations, Feng Shui…

You’ll learn how to create your own Prosperity Crystal Grid, essential oil recommendations and more!

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healing crystals for prosperity and abundance

Manifesting Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity

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May is all about abundance, wealth & prosperity! 

Those seeds of intention you planted in the Spring are starting to flower, bloom and grow.

It is time to manifest your inner abundance!

This isn’t just about money or your bank balance.  It’s all about the things that make us happy and feel prosperous….

Take a minute to write down 10 things you are grateful for, right now, this moment…

Meditate on those things and notice the feelings that rise to the surface…

You may notice feelings of calm, peace, joy…  or you may experience anxiety that you may lose those things or frustration that there isn’t more…

All of that plays into your “Money Story”.

crystal healing abundance quote
healing crystals for prosperity and abundance
crystal healing clear quartz focus clairity

Clear Quartz is an excellent stone to use when focusing on manifesting wealth & abundance.  It amplifies and intensifies your energy as well as any other crystals or stones you are wearing or using.

crystal healing prosperity

We are going to be diving DEEP into our money story and exploring the blocks we face when it comes to manifesting wealth in our lives.

Join us, starting May 17th for the Prosperity Challenge!

Daily prompts will include:

  • Recommended crystals
  • Affirmations
  • Journaling prompts
  • And more!

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crystal healing new moon in taurus

Manifesting with the New Moon in Taurus

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Another New Moon is coming up! This Wednesday to be exact!

What does this mean for you? Well this new Moon will be in Taurus! Taurus is an earth sign and it’s a Bull! It is a feminine sign and The Bull represents fertility.

This is the perfect time to manifest your heart’s desire!

It’s not just thinking things into existence, but tapping into to the thoughts & feelings and we can do this by using our 3rd Eye to imagine it!

Write down what you would like to manifest for your life.

Meditate on those manifestations and notice the feelings that arise in you! Are you excited? scared? Don’t believe it could really happen?

Just notice your thoughts and feelings without judgement, but do take note because these are your obstacles.

Once you become more aware of our thoughts and emotions then it’s easier to recognize our own destructive patterns and simply without judgement replace destructive thoughts and feelings with empowering ones

Crystal Healing Taurus New Moon
crystal healing new moon quote
crystal healing new moon in taurus

New Moon In Taurus
To read more in depth from an astrologer about this specific new Moon:

As always, I recommend setting some time aside for your New Moon ceremony!

There are three easy steps to your New Moon ceremony:

  1. Set the space
  2. Meditate
  3. Write manifestations

My favorite Sanskrit mantra for New Beginnings is: Om Ganapataye Namah~ Chanting to Ganesh helps to remove obstacles paving the way for new beginnings by removing blocks.

Chanting is one of my favorite ways to mediate because I keeps the mind occupied and helps to focus your energy on a specific intention.

Ganapati Om Meditation

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crystal healing rose quartz love

Rose Quartz and Self Love

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Hey guys, I l know that Valentine’s Day is officially over, but it’s still the month of Love and the theme of Self-love is still in the air! Frankly, we need to be making time for ourselves everyday!


It’s almost crazy for me to be teaching self-love because it isn’t something that comes natural to me. I sometimes forget to eat, I will work until I have strained my neck, I will get stressed out and keep working instead of taking a much needed break to breath, do some yoga or meditate. I guess that saying, “You teach what you need the most,” rings true for me! I know that when I do take the time for myself, I feel so much better and I work more productive, and I am a much better mother! I belive us women, are conditioned to out ourselves on the back burner and we need to collectively shift this energy! We will be better mothers, wives, and workers if we take better care of ourselves!


I realized the other day as I was rushing through the daily activity of brushing my teeth, that by just slowing down and being completely present to activity of brushing my teeth and mindful of doing it correctly was an act of self-love! Just sending myself loving thoughts will shift my energy!


If you want to read further evidence of the importance of self then click on the  link to an article by the Huffington Post with Science based evidence on why self-love is good for your health and will improve your life!


My personal favorite stone to use to inspire self-love is Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of infinite love, peace, forgiveness, and empathy!


To fully receive The benefits of Rose Quartz you can wear some, Put some on your night stand, or do like I do and actually sleep with a piece, carry a piece in your pocket, or in your bra ;). Rose Quartz is safe to put in water and I encourage your put some in your bath and even you glass of water. The crystal will infuse your water the energy of the stone!

crystal healing love yourself rose quartz

Please join me for a fun 7 day Self-Love Challenge which will include a daily activity, affirmation, and journal exercise!

The winner of this challenge with receive a gorgeous Rose Quartz bracelet!

How to choose your crystals?

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My top 3 Recommendations for choosing

                               your crystals!


I know I know, grab a book read it cover to cover,  decide that you need every crystal in the book and then go shopping!!!! Well, that’s exactly what I did when I first started discovered crystals and that’s how I discovered that there is a better more effective way to go about choosing your crystals.

First of all, crystals are sacred store houses of intelligent wisdom! It took billions of years crystals to be created and they are filled with infinite sacred knowledge! They are just an energy as we are just and energy. Therefore, I suggest tapping into your intuition to pick your crystals. Forget what the books say….. Better yet, don’t read the books yet! Just go be around crystals. Touch them and feel their energy. You will naturally be pulled to towards some and you will repel others. This is the magnetic laws of the Universe!

1) Use your Intuition! Using your left hand (intuitive hand) close your eyes and run you hand over the crystals, notice how you feel when you touch specific crystals? Do they feel warm, cold? Pick the one you feel most drawn too.

2) You can also use a pendulum to choose your crystals! I encourage you to watch the video on how to use a pendulum. Tune into your pendulum and ask it to show you yes and then ask it to show you no. Then hold the pendulum over each crystal that you are choosing from and watch to see if the pendulum sways yes or no.

3) A quick way to choose your crystals is based on their colors. They go with the colors of our chakra system. For example, if you are experiencing heartache in your life then choose a pink or green crystal! If you are having thyroid issues or difficulty finding your voice then choose a blue crystal, if you are wanting to enhance you intuition then choose an Indigo colored crystal!

Lastly, now grab you book and look up the crystal or crystals that you chose! You will then be blown away at how accurate your intuition is and this exercise will help to empower you and build that 6th sense muscle!

You do not need to know the names or the healing properties of crystals to start working with crystals!

I encourage to practice these 3 simple exercises and please share with me your results! What crystals did you choose!

Crystal Love my friends!

Laura Weigel
Laura Weigel

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