Manifesting with the New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon represents a new energy cycle.

Cancer is an emotional, deep feeling / thinking, and family oriented sign.

This is a good time to write what you would like to manifest during the new energy cycle around the theme of family.  Also, since the Planet has entered Mercury, it is a good time to focus on communication within you family.

Are your communications within your family healthy?  Do you speak only to be heard, or do you also truly listen to empathize?

Some great crystals to use during the New Moon are Moonstone, Amazonite, and Rose Quartz.

Moonstone:  This is a highly intuitive stone, a birthstone for June babies and it helps calm the emotions.

Amazonite:  This is an excellent stone to help communicate from your heart.  It will help keep communications heart-centered.

Rose Quartz:  This stone will help you feel more compassion and sensitivity for yourself and others helping to create stronger and more meaningful family connections.

I highly encourage you to do a New Moon ceremony.  Energy flows where your attention goes.  So, give your energy to what you would like to manifest during this next Moon cycle!  Write down all your heart’s desires centered around this New Moon theme.  Then release them out to the Universe!

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