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Hello Crystal Lovers and Friends,

Las Vegas is on lockdown. That means that my personal appearances, retreats and one on one, in person customizations have come to a halt. This is such a hard time for everyone. I want to do whatever I can do to help you during this time!
So, I have decided to offer a few things!​
​Also, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has reached out and either made a donation of support, bought a gift card or just asked how we were doing. The support and love means everything. We want to continue to pay it forward as well in anyway we can.

Here are the ways I can be of best benefit to you at this time:

​-~Distant Healing: (Typically 60 minutes ) Normally $65 NOW $45
Watch my short video on distant healing

These are customized for each and every client so no two sessions will be the same. Benefits of Distant Healing are:

  • Connecting from the comfort of your own home
  • Personalized holistic Rx
  • Energy + Intentional Healing
  • Plus Much More!

“Laura is amazing & so insightful! I was leery at first because I didn’t know what to expect or how the process worked… and let me tell you, Laura exceeded my expectations!

I was in traditional therapy for years and did not get the results I received with Laura and her process.

Give her a try – even if you are on the fence! She will talk to you and explain to you every step of the way! Laura, I love and appreciate you so very much!”

-Amy Phelps

Virtual Course on Crystals! Was $200 NOW $50!
Use ALONETOGETHER at checkout)
​It’s time to go deeper… The universe has guided us into a place of stillness and solitude. To go inward. This is called Svadyaya on the yogic path (self study). The way I feel called to contribute is going thru all there is to understand with the crystals you all have known and loved throughout the years. We’ll use my course as the format, but that’s just the outline. We’ll meet once a week in a “Master Class” format to discuss this at the palpable level, how it actually affects YOU! How YOU can use them. What they mean to YOU! This will amplify your connection to the crystals, and empower you in how you use them in the future.
The layout will follow the modules in the course, just so we have a starting point but the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  • How do crystals work
  • How to choose your crystals
  • How to use your crystals

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for supporting small business.