Aquarius New Moon The Waterbearer’s Season February 1st, 2022

Compassionate, Open-minded, Eccentric A time to collaborate, regroup, and reset

This is a rare Black Moon, meaning it’s the 2nd New Moon to take place during a single month. Every Lunation has its unique vibration and effects us collectively and individually. By understanding the energy you can tune into it for your highest and best. This particular New Moon is all about having an innovative new outlook, and propels us into the future with courage and confidence. Inviting us to not just dream, but to devise a plan to make it real

Creating new boundaries Speaking your truth Connecting with like minded souls Embracing your uniqueness

Crystal for the New Moon in Aquarius

– Used For: helps to clear out an overactive mind, and helps to bring peace of mind.

How to use: Place it on the top of your head and then run it over your body to remove unwanted energies you may have picked up along the day. It’s a good practice to have before starting a mediation. It will also bring you closer to your higher self meditating and sleeping.

Used For:Calming an overactive mind by bringing in the energy of peace, calm, and tranquility.

How to Use: Amethyst is an excellent stone to place in some water so you can drink in it’s peaceful energy internally. You can also place some Amethyst in your bath to promote a relaxing and healing soak. Amethyst can be placed under your pillow to help with dream recall, and Amethyst is an excellent stone to help deepen your meditations.

Used for: Stepping into your power and harnessing the courage to work towards your goals.

How to Use: Wear your Tiger’s Eye and keep it close to you while planning your future. Use it while meditating about your goals.

– Used For: Having the courage to speak your truth and to put yourself out there

How to Use: Wear your Aquamarine to connect with it’s healing energy. Place on your throat chakra when you are feeling fearful and or anxious. Keep your Aquamarine with you when you need to speak up.

– Used For: Helps to unite the mind, body, and Soul. It will help to keep you grounded, focused on the present moment.

How to Use: Hold in your hands when you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts. Use during meditations to center and ground your thoughts. Place under your pillow to ward off negative energy while sleeping.

Aquarius is a sign that encourages us to dream bigger than we believe possible, as it’s the sign most associated with revolutionary thinking, rebellious attitudes, humanitarian inventiveness, and moments of breakthrough genius ideas. The new Moon in Aquarius will bring emotional clarity. The New Moon is inviting us to go within and to reflect about what we personally want to manifest, no matter how “strange” it may seem. Aquarius energy is all about tapping into your unique self.

This new moon is inviting us collectively to break out of the boxes, to be innovative, unconventional, and even rebellious! All new Moon’s are about new beginnings. Each New moon brings its own flare and this Aquarian new Moon in particular, is asking us to get real about our uniqueness, it’s time to emerge as our authentic selves.

Journal Prompts

The energy invites us to examine, Who am I really? What do I truly desire? 

New Moon Ritual 

  • Create a vision board, make this as wild as you can, the pie in the sky, no matter how unattainable your desire may seem, put it on there. The sky’s the limit under this magical Aquarian new Moon
  • Meditate with a crystal of your choosing and then journal anything that comes up for you. The intention for this meditation is about what you deserve, what you are envisioning for yourself, and honing in on the feelings your desires bring up for you.
  • Bonus, make a crystal grid. Don’t get overwhelmed by this suggestion. It does not have to be perfect, just think about making it symmetrical. A simple way to create, is to place a clear Quartz in the center, infuse the clear Quartz with your intentions. Then places supportive crystals around the clear quartz to hold your manifestations

For into the darkness I dive 

To emerge anew

With aspirations propelling my drive