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​Life is challenging and stressful in the best of times, and obviously even more so right now. I feel honored and blessed to be working with some of the most amazing clients. My heart expands every time I witness a client have an “aha moment”, a new sense of clarity, an awareness…

It brings me back to the days I was a teacher of children. While watching a child learn their math (albeit very rewarding), witnessing a client awaken to new realizations, has taught me what my true calling is….

We can all grow; it’s the evolution of life and we all have a difficult time seeing our “stuff”. Let me help guide you to shining the light on your own soul growth…
I’m so excited about my Soul Guidance sessions….
It’s a way to connect one-on-one (virtually as well as in person) on a more intimate and deeper level to help facilitate Soul Growth.

​One example that I often share is a client that had wanted crystals for attracting good luck. I helped him choose a few crystals and then we created him a custom bracelet. He, later, went to dinner with his mom and they played Keno. He called me that evening exclaiming he had hit the jackpot for over $1000.00!!!

Of course, I’m not saying that every good luck bracelet will cause you to win a jackpot but it was really fun for he and I to witness.

I’ve also had clients that will come to me because they read this or that about a specific stone, like that Amethyst helps to reduce anxiety. What I’ve discovered in my many, many hours from working with clients is that the issue at hand always runs deeper. By the time I see a client for a healing or to make a custom bracelet they are usually wanting a symptom to be treated rather than digging deep to uncover the cause of the symptom / symptoms…

This is where Soul Guidance was created…

​Allow me help to shine a light on what your soul already knows. We’ll dig deep together, you’ll discover as I guide by listening, asking questions, providing journal prompts, Crystal recommendations, personalized mantras, book suggestions; whatever you need, it’s a completely customized service.

…Speaking of Crystal recommendations

Garnet– Garnet is a seed stone, orgically named that because it resembles a pomegranate seed. However metaphorically it also reminds us that our intentions plant seeds when manifesting. Garnet is especially good when you are trying to manifest true love as it is strongly connected to your root and heart chakra. Garnet has been used throughout history as a tailsmen against negative energy.

Rhodonite– Rhodonite is connected to the heart and root chakra. It helps to ground love and helps you to feel safe when exploring your feelings and vulnerabilities in the area of love.

Aquamarine– Aquamarine is known as the stone of courage. It emits a very calming and relaxing energy. It is connected to your throat chakra helping you to speak your truth with confidence and in a calm, cool, and collected way which in turn helps you to be heard. Aquamarine also helps you to be a better listener and to listen with the intent to understand rather than to reply.

Will has been doing amazing! He continues all of his therapies while in quarantine and he still has his amazing Nurse, Ed; who is not only Will’s nurse, but his BFF, his advocate, his therapist and I just feel truly blessed to have Ed in Will’s life and in our lives. One benefit of having Will at home is that I get to work a lot more with his feeding by mouth, and we just get to play more!

Side note, since this picture his hair has grown quite a bit and he does need a haircut… I’ll attempt that this weekend.

Also he is getting a brand new communication device next week, it’s just like the one he used while he was at rehab ( Napa Center ) this past fall so I’m very excited about that!