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You may have heard about the 5g threat and the damage that EMF’s cause us. EMF’s ( electromagnetic radiation) are emitted from our computers, microwaves, t.v.’s, phones, and devices and our bodies are being inundated. it’s causing us to lose the ability to heal and rejuvenate at night while we are sleeping. Some of the potential health issues EMF’s are believed to cause include:

Fatigue | Headaches | Joint Pain | Insomnia | Anxiety | Potential DNA Damage

You do have options to help reduce the impact of EMF’s on your wellbeing. Moving electronics out of the bedroom is a great way to start a night-time routine for yourself. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but the important piece is to remove electronics. I personally recommend breathing, yoga, meditation / prayer, and journaling before bed to set the stage for a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

“Protect you energetic field the way you would a small baby. Don’t let any peace disturbing vibes in your little slice of heaven.”
-Laura Weigel

My crystal recommendations for blocking EMF Smog

In addition to using crystal crystals to help cleanse your environment and your etheric field, grounding is also an excellent activity to help release the buildup of positive ions / EMF build up in your body.

Keeping A Salt and Selenite lamp in your office and bedroom will also help to cleanse your room of harmful EMF pollutants. The salt lamp emits negative ions which brings your room back into balance because all the electronics emit positive ions. The Selenite lamp brings in higher frequency energy and it helps to keep the energy of your environment clean.

Grounding is a simple activity. Simply go outside barefoot and walk around in the grass. You can also purchase grounding mats and simply place it under your desk and put your feet on it while you’re working. The Earth emits negative ions which helps to bring you into balance by absorbing the negative ions. This is why you instantly feel more at peace while out in nature.

Keeping plants in your home, office, bedroom, and everywhere really helps to absorb some of the EMF energy. I like to keep orchids in my bathroom. Just a random side note, but they feel clean and fresh to me and I put a piece of in each one.

Here’s an older video I did on crystals for protection. It seems like a good one to reshare right now.

Another notable article to read about EMF protection, if you’d like…

Taking my own advice, I decided that it would be so healing for Will and for all of us to unplug, ground, and to cleanse from the EMF Smog, but also from the media / societal smog. To get away to Zion and reconnect with Source Energy, to god, to what really matters. And since you hopefully know by now, I believe that joy is our greatest catalyst for healing so a trip just sounded joyful to me!

With so much love,

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