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Crystals for the Full Wolf Moon in Cancer
January 17th

Emotional ~ Intuitive ~ Sensitive

This is an emotionally charged lunation, and the first full moon of 2022. It is bound to be highly sensitive. The Cancer full Moon will be illuminating deep emotions that we previously buried, and may have even forgotten about. I encourage you to take advantage of this energy. It is inviting you to face yourself on a more intimate level and release your deepest fears and toxic emotions that have long been suppressed. This full moon is about nurturing your inner child.

The full moon is a culmination of energy. If you have a hard time facing your emotional side, this could be a challenging lunation for you. It is illuminating that which has been hidden deep within your subconscious for a release.

Crystals for the Full Moon in Cancer
Emotional Release

Tapping into to the emotional and intuitive energy of the Moon

Illuminating parts of your subconscious that are ready to be released and transformed to bring about deep emotional healing

Drawing out toxic emotions that are holding us back from vibrating at a higher frequency

Feeling into our deepest emotions for healing. Calming and soothing deep fears and trauma induced emotions

Known as the stone of truth, enhancing your intuition to get your in touch with your truth

Mantra- I am worthy of feeling peace, contentment and happiness with my life

Full Moon in Cancer Ritual

You’ll find lots of music in this Full Moon Ritual. Music helps to open our intuition which is heightened during the Cancer Full Moon.

The water sign Cancer is inviting you to release under this full moon with some cleansing tears. If you feel the urge to cry, let the tears flow freely.

Full Moon Invocation

I invoke Spirit to show me my deeply hidden emotions To be released from my subconscious So that I may step into a healthy, loving, and nurturing version of myself that attracts a peaceful life filled with authentic love

  • Mantra for Releasing (Play this during your Full Moon Ceremony) ( Om Gum Ganapatye Namaha ) is the remover of obstacles
  • You’ll need Epsom Salt and your favorite essential oil for a cleansing bath to get your body ready for the and envision that which is not serving you to be washed
  • Aura cleansing tool of choice (Selenite wand, Sage herb or spray) Time to cleanse your space
  • Have the above crystals to meditate with. Here is the Full Meditation to help you expand your intuitive awareness.
  • Pen and paper to write the emotions that came up for you. What are you carrying that is no longer serving you. Write that down!
  • Matches/Lighter to burn your releases
  • Also set out any of your crystals that you feel may new a full moon cleanse and or charge
  • Place a piece of Clear Quartz in some water after you hold the Crystal and set your intention. Set it out under the full moon, or in a windowsill where the moon beams will directly hit the crystal. The next day you can drink the water and take the energy internally. This is called Moon water or an elixir.
  • End with this: ( the beautiful lotus prayer) This will help to set your intentions
  • Now that you have released what is no longer serving you, it’s time to open yourself up to new beginnings.
  • While playing the lotus prayer, holding your labradorite say: I am worthy of happiness and peace
  • Write the emotions you are attracting to your life

The energy for the Full Moon is strongest three days before and three days after the peak of the Full Moon. You can do this ritual anytime from January 14th – January 20th.

The Cancer Full Moon is casting a light upon your emotions

Let the Moonbeam guide you through the depths of your feelings with it its bright glow

The Moon is reflection of your deepest emotions and it is revealing the depths of your heart

The Moon is illuminating your emotions which are no longer serving you to be released