Full Moon in Cancer & the Winter Solstice

This weekend, we are blessed with not only a Full Moon but also the Winter Solstice.  This is a time of both letting go of the old while welcoming in the new.

Winter Solstice:

The Winter Solstice falls on Friday, December 21 this year while the Full Moon in Cancer is on Saturday, December 22.

People from all over the world, from ancient times until today celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Pagans and Druids gather at Stonehenge to observe the sunrise on Solstice morning through the massive stone pillars. 
Most people around the world, regardless of religion (or lack thereof), celebrate the Winter Solstice to some extent.  Ancient Pagan and Germanic people of Europe celebrated for 12 days during their “Midwinter Celebrations”.  According to Wikipedia, many of our modern Christmas & Holiday traditions like the Yule Log, the Christmas tree and Christmas wreaths are modern interpretations of this age-old observance.
This is shortest day of the year.  Since the Summer Solstice in June, our days have gradually been shorter and shorter.  From the Winter Solstice onward, our days will gradually become longer until the cycle repeats itself again.  
Full Moon in Cancer:
During this Full Moon, the energy is influence by the emotional, gentle nature of the Crab.  Cancer is a sign known for being a homebody, valuing family & friends over material possessions and wearing their heart on their sleeve.  According to Astrology.com, Cancers are the first to laugh and also the first to cry when faced with emotional situations. 
How does that translate to this Full Moon (that happens to occur right around the Solstice AND Christmas – as if the holidays weren’t enough!)?  This Full Moon is an excellent time to release old trauma & wounds associated with your family, friends & loved ones.  Let go of the destructive emotional patterns associated with this time of year.
If you’re like me, you probably have quite a few painful memories associated with Christmas…  As a toddler, my son, Will, ate a family member’s blood pressure pill the day after Christmas which has resulted in severe brain injury that will affect him his whole life.  As you probably know, that is what led me to crystal healing jewelry in the first place!
What struggles do you battle during this time of year?  More people die on Christmas than any other day of the year, so it is very likely that you have a bit of grief attached to this holiday season.  You may find yourself feeling guilty that you are celebrating without a loved one who has passed…  this is all very normal so don’t beat yourself up over it.  
By releasing these old patterns and feelings of grief and guilt, you can relax and be present, creating new memories and traditions for your family.  Dealing with these emotions in a positive and loving way clears the path to start your New Year with a fresh and restored state of mind and body.  
Once you’ve addressed the emotional aspect of the Holiday season, pay attention to how you have typically dealt with your feelings in the past.  It’s no surprise that alcohol consumption doubles during the Holiday season… as does many other destructive behaviors – not that there is anything wrong with having a cocktail or a glass of wine during dinner.  
This year, instead of drowning your emotions or spending the season stressed and frazzled, the Full Moon in Cancer is here to help you soothe those old wounds and focus on family & traditions.  

Make this year the year that you start a new self-care tradition.  

Typically, Full Moons are an excellent time to practice a releasing ritual. 
I recommend writing out everything you are releasing into a journal.  Let it all flow out of you.  The pain, the guilt, the stress, the harmful inner dialogue… let it all out onto paper.  Once you’ve let it all out, complete the ritual by burning the paper.  Next, take the ashes and wash them away with water (the element of Cancer) , letting the ashes soak into the Earth.  Not only does this protect your privacy (no one can read it once it’s burned and washed away!), it is also an act of trusting the Universe that the old trauma is healed and symbolizes release physically, emotionally and spiritually.  
You may find this “remover of obstacles” mantra to play while doing you releasing ceremony.  (LINK will open in a new tab)

Crystal Recommendations: 

  • Moonstone: Stone of new beginnings and good luck.  Moonstone is also one of the Cancer birthstones.  Helps to connect to the divine, helping to create with a higher purpose.
  • Amethyst:  Facilitates new habits that serve your highest self.  Helps break destructive patterns and addictions.
  • Morganite:  Stone of Divine Love.  Heals old wounds and traumas.  Encourages love, peace and harmony.  


Happy Full Moon & Merry Christmas!  

Crystal blessings,


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