Collectively the energy is inviting us confidently lead with our HEARTS….

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Full Moon in Leo February 16th

Big-hearted, Bold, Courageous, & Fun-loving

The full moon in Leo is opposing Aquarius The Aquarian sun is illuminating the Leo Moon

Don’t worry if you make waves simply by being yourself. The Moon does it all the time

This full moon is asking us to get out of our heads (air energy) and into our hearts ( fire energy)

The combination of fiery Leo energy and Airy Aquarian energy is setting the stage to boldly share your unique self.

No holding back

Leo is the sign of the heart! This Leo full moon is inviting us to follow our hearts!

February’s fiery full moon in Leo, promises in true Leo style to bring in major romantic energy

How do you lead with your heart?

Tune in…. Get quiet, meditate, spend some time in nature, take a bath. Set the space to hear what your higher self is illuminating to you! Listen to the nudges from deep within your heart.

Crystals for the Full Moon in Leo…

– Igniting your creative spark and instilling you with the confidence and courage to take a leap of faith and move forward in life.

  • Use– wear in jewelry, Carry a raw piece with you, keep with you when you’re with your other half, love interest, and when your are creating

– illuminating secrets that you are now ready to see so they can be released. Labradorite brings light to our subconscious minds, it helps us to reflect deeply and therefore brings about healing transformations.

  • Use– when meditating and when sleeping to help you see deeper into your subconscious for transformations

– have the courage to be bold and step into your power allowing your unique self to be seen. It helps you to keep your attention focused and determined on your goals.

  • Use– carry and or wear when you’re feeling timid and need an extra boost of confidence

– the stone of courage, helps your to communicate your truth in a way that easily received from others

  • Use– wear to help activate your throat chakra helping you to have the communicate your truth and to listen to your higher self

– the stone of love, compassion, and patience

  • Use– wear, place in your water, lay in heart Chakra. Rose Quartz will help to invoke feeling of self-worth and self-love attracting the love you deserve

– cleansing your mind, body, and spirit of stagnant, dense, and harmful energies

  • Use– run selenite over your entire energy / Etheric body to remove energies that you’ve picked up throughout your day. Wear to keep yourself cleansed and vibrating high throughout your day. Place on your Chakras to remove any stuck energies that causing you to feel stuck and or heavy

Disclaimer– authentic and unique may be a simply as sharing your art, your heart, or your birth chart with a new love

I have the courage to see and feel what this Full Moon is illuminating for me to release

I am courageously releasing anything holding me back from being my authentic and unique self

Full Moon’s are a culmination of energy, something has reached its peak and it is now ending. It is illuminating an area of your life that needs to be looked at more deeply.

This full moon in Leo is activating our heart! It is asking, roaring for us to get back into our hearts!

Journal prompts-

  • What is activating, calling, waking up your heart?
  • What does shining bright mean to you?
  • Where have you been playing small?

Ceremony for the Full Moon in Leo

  • Fire!  after you meditate and journal, write what you’re ready to release? What was illuminated for you? Burn them!
  • Cleanse yourself and your crystals
  • You can use the moon,  smoke or spray sage for your crystals
  • For you, take an Epsom salt bath with some rose Quartz
  • Imagine what is not longer serving you being absorbed by the salt crystals and the energy of love from the Rose Quartz in your water being absorbed into every cell of your body
  • Sleep with some labradorite under your pillow and journal on the morning
  • Make some MOON water, place some rose Quartz in water and set it out under the full moon for a charge! You can drink the moon water, water your plants with it, add it to your bath water, really the options are endless!

Reminder– the energy of the Full moon is strongest 3 days before and after it’s peak which gives us a week to really harness the Full Moon energy to help us to awaken and to continue to grow on our spiritual paths