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This week’s is stacked full of goodness…

  • April 22nd 2020
  • Earth Day and the New Moon in Taurus
  • 444 Portal

New Moons, in general, are about a completion of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It’s the time to plant your new seeds of intention.

Taurus is ruled by the planet of Venus, a sign that likes to be surrounded by love and beauty. Taurus is an earth sign known for their practicality, realism, hard work, and stubbornness. They are an Earth sign like Virgo and Capricorn.

Having the New Moon and in Taurus and Earth day on the same day really reminds us to appreciate the Earth’s natural Beauty and all thy she provides for us.

What can you do today to improve Mother Earth’s beauty, health, and reliance? Perhaps it’s picking up some trash outside, planting something, or doing my meditation ????????‍♀️ and sending her love.

​This April 22nd 2020 is a very special day! It is also the 4-4-4 portal. Which simply means that our angels are around us and supporting us.

The energy right now is very nurturing, supportive, and healing. Take some time to tap into that energy and feel it expand out from your heart center.

Let’s join together to give thanks to Mother Earth, and manifest from our hearts, manifesting for Soul’s highest best to help in our evolution as one. We are all connected by our beautiful Mother Gaia.

Emerald– Heart Chakra

Emerald is the stone of inspiration, compassion, and patience. It is the purest of all the love stones. Emerald carries the pure green ray to open and awaken your Heart Chakra. The emotions of love and compassion are the truest expression of spirit.

Emerald helps to heal heartbreak while keeping your heart open.

Mantra- I am inviting in the green ray of light to bring emotional balance, love, and compassion to my heart

Azurite / Malachite– Heart and Third Eye Chakra

The mix of Azurite and Malachite looks like the Earth, it reminds us to take care of our Mother Earth. It brings in a feeling of deep appreciation for our Mother Earth.

Azurite is the stone of vision, it carries a pure deep blue ray color to enhance spiritual connection and truth seeking. It helps to expand and awaken your mind which in turn, allows you to release old belief systems. The combination of Azurite with Malachite helps for you to Tune into authentic love. It helps to balance your emotions and allows for you to listen and feel messages from your subconscious mind.

Mantra- I am open to receiving messages from my spirit guides and my heart

Peach Moonstone Sacral Chakra

Known as the stone of New Beginnings and a good luck stone. It helps to bring about new opportunities. Peach Moonstone promotes creativity. It carries a playful and joyful energy. Peach Moonstone stimulates the reproductive center which in turn aids with fertility and PMS. It’s a very soothing stone which helps to calm your emotions bringing in soothing feelings of peace and harmony.
Mantra- I am creating new beginnings for my soul’s evolution

New Moon Ritual

1- Set your space. Light candles, incense, or diffuse your favorite essential oil. Have your crystals ready, a cushion for your mediation, possibly a yoga mat, some paper, and a pen. If you’re feeling really creative, some magazines, tape, and scissors to create a vision board.

2- cleanse your space. You can use sage smoke, or a sage spray. If you have Selenite you can also set a piece in all of the corners of your room to keep the energy cleansed and vibes high.

3- take a cleansing bath with some epsom salt and your favorite essential oil. I like the blend of Frankincense and Lavender. Taurus is all about beauty. I encourage you to do a little something extra today for yourself. A face mask, paint your nails, use an exfoliating scrub.

4- come to your beautifully cleansed and uplifting space. Place the Peach Moonstone if you have some on your Sacral Chakra just below your naval. Begging to deep your breathing, close your eyes and tune in by simply focusing on your breathing and or doing my guided meditation. Invite your angels to guide you and to come to you during your mediation.

5- do some simple yin yoga or the moon salutations (video)

6- write your manifestations, your heart’s desires, and or create your vision board from your heart.

I recommend playing music while you write and create.


I am beautiful and I am worthy of true love

I am opening my heart to reviving and giving love

I am compassionate and filled with understanding

I am planting seeds from my heart’s deepest desires

I am creating from an authentic place of love

*** note the new Moon energies are strongest 3 days before and 3 days after its peak.

This video may speak for itself… William is walking with his OT therapist, twice a day in his walker! Go Will!!