Manifesting Abundance with Crystals

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Why were you initially drawn to crystals?  If you’re like most people, manifesting abundance in the form of money or good luck has something to do with it.

We all want to live an abundant and prosperous life (and there’s nothing wrong with that)!  Sometimes, guilty feelings can come up when we desire more abundance in our lives.  By having more, you’re able to give more – whether it’s love, joy, peace, laughter, money or anything else.  Living in lack, without an abundance of those things, means you’re unable to share these gifts with others.

Please know that when I speak of manifesting abundance I specifically mean a healthy life filled with love, freedom and wealth. I used to get really turned off when I would others’ speak of creating, manifesting, or attracting abundance into their lives, that is until I did some soul searching and work on myself. I realized that I was playing small, feeling guilty, feeling unworthy, feeling meek…..the list goes on. It wasn’t until I realized what abundance truly meant for me that the lens I was perceiving from became more clear. Having an abundant life means having a fulfilling life, a life that meets your physical and spiritual needs.

For me personally this means having the financial resources to provide specific therapies for my sons and sports for my daughter. For me personally this would look like taking classes, traveling, and the freedom to eat out, get my hair done,have massages, you know, all the fun girly things!  What does abundance look like to you?

Crystal Recommendations for Manifesting Abundance:

Pyrite ~ fosters the energy of wealth and abundance

Citrine ~  Wealth, Prosperity, self-esteem, joy, and worthiness

Green Jade ~ attracts abundance and health

Tiger’s Eye ~ Good Luck stone used to attract abundance and new opportunities. It enhances your self-esteem and gives you the courage to put yourself out there

Emerald ~ The symbol of wealth and money

Clear Quartz ~ Amplifies your intentions

While all of these amplify the frequency of prosperity, my top 3 crystals for manifesting abundance are Emerald, Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye.

8 Action Steps to Manifest Abundance 

1 – De-clutter your office space, purse or wallet. Clear out the physical clutter and it will help to reduce your mental clutter and anxieties.

2 – Use Affirmations to raise your vibrations, One I like to recommend: “I am attracting wealth, prosperity, and new opportunities.”

3 – The back left corner of your home, and or your office is the wealth and prosperity corner according to feng shui. This would be a great area for you place a crystal for manifesting abundance along with your manifestation list.

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3 – Practice Gratitude.  The philosophy is that you attract what you are and if you are feeling lack and persevering on what you don’t have then you will attract more of those experiences. To shift your feelings from lack and fear then start to focus on what you do have. Start a gratitude journal. I suggest writing in it right before bed so you plant those seeds before sleep.

4 – To go along with shifting your mindset around money, I suggest carving out some time and making a vision board for yourself. Even better, grab some friends and make a fun little get together out of the experience!

5 – Self-worth is huge…. You have to truly believe that you deserve to live a prosperous life, whatever that means to you. A lot of times our self-worth issues run deep and our subconscious. This can stem from your family patterns around money as a child. This is also worth meditating on and journaling about to help you see your patterns.

6 – Use crystals to amplify your intentions. You can do this by wearing them, placing them on your body, specifically your Solar Plexus Chakra area just above your naval. This is power and self-esteem area. Just wearing them anywhere on your body is going to raise your energy and serve as a reminder. You can also make a crystal grid using the above mentioned crystals.

7 – Do something new everyday to help raise your vibration, the better we feel about ourselves the higher we vibrate and the more we attract our heart’s desires to our life. Try stretching yourself. Wake up 5 minutes earlier to journal, stretch, or meditate. Read more, go for a walk, take a new class, stretch yourself and get uncomfortable this is where growth happens.

8 – play and chant this sacred Mantra:

This mantra gives all kinds of prosperity, both the spiritual and the material. It brings harmony to your family, bestows wealth and prosperity, fills you with vitality and health, gives success and good luck, wisdom, compassion, humility, virtue and self-knowledge.

Our feelings shape our reality so anything you can do to add joy to your life will help to up level your vibration. Pick one or dive right in and do all 8 of my suggestions!


Now, I want to hear from you….. What would you like to learn about next in Manifesting series? I could discuss love, self-esteem, spiritual connection, or creativity? These are just a few examples but I am open to suggestions because I want to meet your needs, curiosity, and desires when learning about crystals.

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