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Crystals for Mercury Retrograde
in Capricorn & Aquarius
January 14th- February 3rd

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Refine ~ Review ~ Recommit

cleanses an overactive mind

helps to bring the light to past issues and unhealed traumas for healing and transformation. Labradorite brings in the light and helps to shift perceptions.

calms the monkey brain and anxieties so you can make decisions with confidence.

bestows courage, allowing you to face misunderstanding, and to have those difficult conversations. Aquamarine helps to calm the nerves and helps you to speak clearly and concisely which help to avoid misunderstandings

assists with communicating authentically from your heart. It connects your heart and your throat and helps to release pent up traumas, anxiety, and stress. also helps to provide protection from EMF’s being emitted from electronics.

clears unwanted , stagnant, and toxic energies that have been holding you back. It helps to pull out fears, anxieties, and worrisome / looping thoughts that keep your vibration low.

How to use your crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Since this time invites us to slow down and go working to review, revisit, and repair the past, journaling is a powerful tool to use right now!

Especially since Mercury rules our mind, communication, and our thoughts. You may get many messages during your meditations and dreams right now.

The above mentioned crystals are great to wear, sleep with, and meditate with.

is excellent if you’re ready to revisit past traumas for healing.

is excellent if you need to make an important decision.

would be my number one recommendation if you’re ready to share what’s on your heart.

is powerful if you feel your mind looping and you need to ground.

would be my recommendation if you need to tap into your courage to have a difficult conversation.

is amazing to help cleanse your auric field and your mind! I wear mine daily to stay cleansed.

I created this video for you with more information about this Mercury Retrograde

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This is a potent time to:

  • Recommit to a daily healthy schedule
  • Have those hard conversations
  • Repair past misunderstandings
  • Reframe the way see a situation
  • This is a time to revisit our past for healing, this may not feel positive at the time, but it is necessary for us to gain momentum when moving forward in our lives.
  • Take advantage of this time. Slow your roll, and put your “vehicle” (yourself) in reverse and see what needs to be repaired so you’ll have smoother travels ahead.