Gratitude literally means the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness.

When we are authentically feeling and expressing gratitude then we are in the flow of abundance. I truly know that it is quite difficult to feel gratitude when  you have experienced a trauma or even when you are feeling overwhelmed. It truly requires a re-wiring of the brain. This happens with practice. As with all good things, we must practice to make it a habit and to become good at it.

As many if you know by now, on Dec. 26th 2008, My son who was almost a year was found not breathing in his crib! This experience literally ripped my heart out and I saw my life as I once knew it flash before my eyes. Gratitude in that moment was literally unattainable. I did with time and by gaining knowledge learn, (and heck, I’m still learning), to retrain my brain to focus on Gratitude.

Now this post isn’t suppose to be a pity party by any means, but I want you to know where I have come from so you to will be inspired to focus on Gratitude.

So… Dec. 26th we lost the son that we knew, and we were left with a severely disabled child who is unable to care for his basic needs such as using the restroom, eating, and moving. This was also the time that the market crashed and we also lost our home. I could go on, but I think you get the picture that it was bleak times.

I decided to focus on Gratitude and miracles instead of what I had lost. I knew I couldn’t create from a bitter and resentful heart. This has been 9 years now in the making and I still practice daily.

Below are how I cultivate Gratitude in my life:

1- Make a list of what I am grateful for and add to it daily
2- Replace negative / worry / self-defeating thought with thoughts of gratitude using affirmations
3- Meditate using the Sanskrit words Dhanya Vad
4- Practice Affirmations
5- Wear My Gratitude Crystals
6- Give thank you and Gratitude away – if you feel grateful for something someone has done, then by all means share it with them!

Gratitude creates abundance! 

Have you heard that before? There is so much research out there about how a grateful heart attracts more to be grateful for. Some of what I have read are that gratitude helps us to experience more positive emotions, it helps us to sleep better, and it opens our heart to experience more love and compassion!

Seriously, we all need some gratitude in our lives, and as long as we are alive we always have something to be grateful for! Sometimes, it may be for expressing gratitude for basic things and the lessons we are learning. Bad things will happen to us all. It’s all in how we handle the stress, heartache, and overwhelm.

Stress releases a chemical called cortisol in our bodies.  When we release cortisol, it changes how our bodies react to people, our immune system, the food we eat and so much more.  One simple way to help stress move through you and out of you is to stop what you’re doing, even if just for 60 seconds, and remind yourself of 5 things you are grateful for.  Try this little trick for a week or two and see how it can transform your life!

Crystals for Gratitude:
Rose Quartz
Green Aventurine
Tiger’s Eye

I am grateful for my transformation and I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

Yoga Poses:
Camel Pose
Reclined bound angle with hand over your heart

Dhanya Vad – I feel gratitude