New Moon in Sagittarius

This Thursday, December 6, we will experience the New Moon in Sagittarius.  With every New Moon, you have the opportunity to tap into the energy of new beginnings and fresh starts and that is especially true with the courageous, optimistic and free-spirited nature of the archer.


During this New Moon phase, you may get sudden bouts of enthusiasm for a project that you’ve lost hope on, or a flash of encouraging insight on a problem you’ve been mulling over.  Pay attention to these bursts of intuition! They will be coming at you fast so you may want to keep a notebook handy to write them down.  

Crystal Recommendations:

Turquoise:  Throat Chakra stone that helps us to speak our truth (in a tactful way) without stuffing our feelings.  Protective, especially when traveling. Helps calms some of Sagittarius’ unruly, over-the-top passion. Sagittarius’ birthstone.

Moonstone:  Stone of new beginnings and good luck.  Helps to birth new projects and ideas. Connects to the divine, helping to create with a higher purpose.

Sunstone:  Stone of optimism, passion, and joy. Great stone for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Increases self-worth and leadership.  Enhances the creative passion of Sagittarius energy.

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While tapping into this New Moon’s fearless energy, don’t be afraid to see where your innermost desires take you!

By the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22, you’ll feel much more ready to actualize the positive changes you are only dreaming about today.  Follow your intuition and be open to any unexpected opportunities that come your way!

You may feel overcome with optimism, impulsiveness, cabin-fever and itching for new adventures…  just beware of giving in to reckless abandon and be sure to enjoy yourself in moderation… This is not the time to overdo it at the office Holiday party!

I recommend a New Moon ceremony for every New Moon (and Full Moon too!).  For this one, you may consider including a vision board. This would be an optimal time to dream big about your goals for 2019!  

Sagittarius is the sign of reaching for your dreams and literally shooting for the stars. Allow yourself to get into the feelings of expectation & excitement and dream BIG!  

Ask yourself:

  • What really lights your soul on fire?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What do you want to manifest?

Don’t worry about HOW all the details will come to pass (because that always works itself out in the end)… just focus on your vision.

Remember, the New Moon energy lasts for 3 days prior and 3 days after the actual New Moon so you have plenty of time to create your new vision board!  Share the excitement in our private Facebook Group here >>

Post a pic and tell the group what you are most excited about!

In Chinese astrology, 2019 is the Year of the Pig.  That means a year of good luck & good fortune! What better time to shoot for the stars and dream big?

Check out Jordan’s Blog here for more insights on the astrological impacts of the New Moon in Sagittarius. 

Happy New Moon!  

Crystal blessings,


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