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Taking Time for Intentional Transformation

After returning from my First Annual Crystal Retreat, I was reminded of how important it is to take time for yourself.

Retreats are more than just spa treatments, cocktails and scenic views, it’s also about giving yourself the space to restore mentally, physically & spiritually.

When you allow yourself the safe haven of a retreat with like-minded people, there are SO many benefits!  You are honoring yourself and the value that you bring to this world and Universe just by taking the time for YOU.  By focusing on your health (hiking, yoga, massages, healthy meals and lots of sleep and relaxation), you are letting the Universe know that you are grateful for your body and for the experiences available for you.  Retreats are also an excellent way to carve out time to learn a new skill, try out a new therapy or explore other holistic modalities like crystal & energy healing.

As I teach in my private healing sessions, it takes 40 days to create a new habit.  Starting your new habit with the intention of holding space for it at least 40 days is easier when you are free from the distractions of work, family obligations, laundry, screaming kids …. (I could go on… ).  Not only is your new habit or practice more likely to “stick”, you are also infusing more energy and intention into it (not to mention the healing and restorative energy found in Sedona!)

One of the things I love about the Enchantment Resort is the daily guided meditations held every morning in the crystal grotto.  There, you are given the opportunity to learn a specific Kriya (meditation) for yourself.  By timing the retreat for the New Moon, we were also able to tap into the energy of the vortex at the resort.

Allow yourself the time to step away from your busy life…

When you give your body, mind and spirit the gift of TIME for healing, the Universe will pay you pack 10-fold!  The Spa, Mii Amo offers massages, readings and more!  Then, give yourself the time for meditation & restorative sleep so your body has the space to absorb the healing energy.

The Enchantment Resort is surrounded by numerous hiking & biking paths.  On our next retreat (planned for August, 2019), we will be doing an early morning hike to the Boynton Canyon Vortex which is on-site!

Another way to restore and refresh your energy is by eating intentionally and consuming fresh and healthy meals.

The Enchantment resort offers juicing classes, culinary lessons and more!  Not only that, the resort four amazing dining options to choose from with magnificent views of the Arizona Red Rocks.

Express your creativity!  Your soul sings when you are creative!  The Enchantment Resort has many options to choose from including night sky photography classes, watercolor or acrylic painting classes, gourd decorating and more!

The Crystal Retreat is an excellent opportunity to sign up for Crystal Healing Sessions and learn more about the healing energy of crystals.  I’ll be hosting a two-day workshop on crystals including learning about the Laying on of the Crystals, Card Reading, Pendulums, Crystal Grids and more!

Crystal Recommendations:

    1. Rose Quartz~ Stone of self-love and infinite peace
    2. Prehnite ~ Heal the healer, enhances intuitiveness
    3. Pink Opal~ calms and soothes the emotional body
    4. Kunzite~ joyful stone, healing emotions, and creating loving relationships
    5. Morganite~ compassion and cleanses the emotional body of traumas
    6. Moonstone~ New Beginnings
    7. Smokey Quartz~ Releasing what is no longer serving you
    8. Amethyst~ Breaking old non-supportive habits and cultivating your connections to source
    9. Selenite~ Cleansing your Aura, Body, and Soul
    10. Carnelian ~ Allowing yourself more joy, play, and creative energy into your life
    11. Lava Stone~ Setting long term goals for yourself


A World-Renowned (and Award Winning!) Resort & Spa

The Resort offers many different classes and activities!  You can stay as busy as you want or just relax by the pool or receive spa treatments.

It has been voted the Most Gorgeous Resort with active or private pools and a hot tub open 24-hours a day!

Awarded Wine Spectator’s “Best of Award of Excellence”, the dining options at The Enchantment are unsurpassed.  The scenic views, the intimate atmosphere and the amazing dishes make it unforgettable to say the least!

The Enchantment Resort has won numerous other awards including: 

  • #1 spa in the country
  • Most indulgent spa
  • #3 in the world Luxury Resort

Sedona is famed for its stunning red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation. Sedona is one of those cities that just sucks you in, and you cannot get enough of its beauty and energy. Many flock to Sedona to experience the power of it’s Vortexes. The tangible regenerative and inspirational effects that Sedona has on people.

There are four main Vortexes in Sedona. A Vortex is a spiraling energy emanating from the center of the Earth. Many believe the Vortexes are the perfect spot for healing and transformation, as the energy is believed to interact with anyone in its vicinity. Vortexes are known to make you more self-aware and increase psychic abilities. Some vortexes are believed to be either masculine or feminine, but the Boynton Canyon Vortex, also known as (Kachina Woman) has both energies which is ideal for balancing your energy. It’s the yin/yang balance.

The next Crystal Healing Retreat is scheduled for August 27-31, 2019.


Spots are limited to 20 women!  Join the waitlist to be sure to save your spot as soon as registration is open!

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