This photo was taken last Feb. 2013. in Brazil. We took Will to see John of God. Up until now, I have not made our trip to Brazil public. I really didn’t want to hear the naysayers….

This is where the bracelet money went last year. I purchased  a new awesome chair and this trip for William!!

The reason I am now talking about our trip to Brazil is because the stars have aligned and we will  again be returning to Brazil to see John of God again this Feb.

I do want to continue with stem cell treatments using William’s own stem cells, however the John of God trips keep landing in my lap and this next trip has been already 100% paid for in full. I take this a sign from the Universe that we are suppose to be there. We will just need money for gratuity, herbs, and crystal beds. Maybe Will won’t need anymore stem cells! it is hard watching him go through painful stem cell treatments…… Just maybe Will already has enough stem cells and they just need to be trained 🙂 This is what I am choosing to believe right now.

I don’t know exactly what I believe about all the big questions…. BUT I will tell you what I do believe for sure! I believe in miracles, I have seen them! I believe in the power of our mind, every thought carries a frequency, an energy! I believe everything is carries an energy. I believe that everything does happen for a reason, I do not know the reason behind Will’s accident, but I do know he chose me to be his mom for a reason, he knew I would never give up on him!

I know to some people this sounds crazy, and to others this trip sounds like an amazing experience. Either way you believe, trust me if it was your baby, you would also stop at nothing. Will continues to heal and we have seen much progress this past year!

I have recently been reading about vulnerability and how it is a true act of courage. Opening myself up to the world is an act of vulnerability for me, my act of courage and me maturing to level of what others think is none of my business!