What is Ametrine Good For?

Introducing a new crystal for your crystal healing journey

Ametrine is a Crown & Sacral chakra crystal that combines the energies of Amethyst & Citrine.  

When I first discovered this fascinating dual-toned crystal, my first question was what is it good for?

What is ametrine good for?

Ametrine is also known as trystine or by its trade name as bolivianite.  Although it looks man-made, it is a form of quartz that grows naturally.

Combining the healing properties of Amethyst and Citrine, it is good for connecting to source and having the courage to follow your Soul’s purpose.  It connects your Crown Chakra with your Solar Plexus Chakra, combining your intuition with your creativity.

Ametrine is good for:

  • Connection to Source energy
  • Aligning with your higher purpose
  • Having the confidence to follow your dreams
  • Releasing fears, bad habits & addictions
  • Taking inspired action
  • Overcoming fears
  • Clearing brain fog

Is Ametrine Good For Crystal Healing?

Ametrine is particularly helpful with long-standing chronic illnesses.  It helps bring insight into the deeper cause of the dis-ease.   This dual-energy crystal can also help heal your body by releasing bad habits and addictions.

For energy work, it is an amazing healing crystal to use while meditating, practicing Yoga or any other energy clearing work.

Wear Ametrine jewelry while doing journal work to get greater insights on your Soul’s purpose.  It helps shed light on the deeper meaning behind your surface-level goals while giving you a boost of courage to pursue them.

what is ametrine good for crystal bracelet

Ametrine Crystal Healing Jewelry

Ametrine jewelry can be found in many different settings, from rings to pendant necklaces to earrings and of course crystal healing bracelets.

When shopping for jewelry, make sure that you’re buying a genuine crystal gemstone.  Like most crystals, it can be faked (or man-made) and fake crystals don’t carry the healing properties of genuine crystals. Artificial Ametrine is created by from natural Citrine using heat to artificially change the color of the crystal.

Since the genuine crystal is harder to find, it is slightly more expensive than it’s Citrine & Amethyst counterparts.  It’s not considered “rare” by any means but it’s not exactly common either.  You can stack Citrine & Amethyst together to get the same effects as wearing the naturally-occuring combination,  although Ametrine will concentrate and focus the healing properties of the crystal.

What is Raw Ametrine Good For?

Raw Ametrine has many uses for your crystal healing journey.  Since it’s is a quartz-based crystal, you can use it in crystal elixirs and in your bath water.  Place a raw or polished crystal in your kitchen if you struggle with food addiction or weight loss.  A chunk of raw Ametrine is an excellent crystal to focus your energy on manifesting your Soul’s purpose while at your desk.

Although raw Ametrine is powerful, I recommend wearing it as part of your wrist armor bracelet stack made out of beads.  That way, you are surrounding yourself with the vibration of this powerful healing crystal throughout your day.

Final Thoughts

While Ametrine is a lesser-known healing crystal, it is good for raising your vibration & allowing you to see your circumstances from a clear vantage point.  I’m excited to add this new crystal jewelry to the Will2Wow crystal healing store and seeing the results you get from working with this amazing natural crystal.

If you are having trouble deciding which crystals you want to work with for crystal healing or which crystal jewelry would be best for the struggles you’re facing, book a Healing Session or Private Consultation.  You’ll get personalized recommendations for crystals that work for you, customized mantras and affirmations and more!

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