Who is Laura Weigel?

What started as an eager, albeit desperate attempt to heal her son William from a debilitating brain injury, Laura Weigel, a former Special Education Teacher, decided to take a different route. She became a jewelry designer with the Sole intent of providing beautiful crystal jewelry using natural crystals and gemstones known for their healing properties in her jewelry so more people would have access to their healing benefits. 

Laura’s son William has been a Muse to Laura inspiring her to connect to her passions and to share them with the world. Ever since Laura was in her teens she has been drawn to healing and energy work. 

Laura decided to name her business Will2WOW because of her son William. His middle name is Owen and his initials special WOW, by no accident Laura is convinced. Her greatest hope is that Will2WOW helps each person who comes into contact with her, William, her jewelry, and Will’s story, that they are inspired to dig deep and connect with their personal Will! 

Laura first learned about crystals over 11 years ago from her acupuncturist who used them during treatments on herself, and her son.

She was immediately struck by Will’s positive response to the crystals. This led Laura down what she believes is a divinely inspired path that included working with crystals. When The Four Seasons spa started carrying her jewelry, she knew that was confirmation that this would be her new career.

Since then, her jewelry has been featured in several spas and yoga studios in Las Vegas, NV and Sedona, AZ. People from all over the world commission her to create custom pieces for their very specific crystal needs. Laura also enjoys sharing her knowledge by teaching crystal workshops in person and online, spreading her vast knowledge through guest appearances on podcasts and working very closely with her private clients.

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