Crystal Healing Jewelry

Handmade by Laura Weigel


“I'm realistic, I expect miracles.”

-Wayne Dyer


Crystal Healing Jewelry

Handmade by Laura Weigel


Crystal Healing Jewelry

Handmade by Laura Weigel


The Will 2 Wow

The Will2WOW Jewelry bringing nature’s miracles to life one piece at a time!

Laura Weigel is the owner and creator of Will2WOW jewelry, which was inspired by her son William Owen Weigel. He suffered a severe anoxic brain injury at 11 months old. Laura believes that he has the Will 2 WOW us all as he heals!!! Laura believes in using different holistic healing modalities to help support our bodies own natural ability to heal! She creates crystal healing jewelry using semi-precious, authentic, and Reiki charged gemstones known for their healing properties. The proceeds help support her son William’s healing journey. She loves to custom create special pieces for her clients. Please contact her if you are interested in a custom piece. She will help you to choose the best stones.

This website has been designed to support William Weigel’s healing process and to be a place of reference for her clients. You will find crystal meanings, chakra information, and crystal uses throughout history.

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90 Minute
Holistic Energy Healing Session

(In person) with Laura for $75.00

I believe in our own body’s natural ability to heal. My desire is for each healing session to provide an individualized supportive environment using holistic healing modalities; Which include, crystals, essential oils, an oracle card reading, intuitive counseling, guided meditation, and a personalized mantra / affirmation.

  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils
  • Intuitive Counseling
  • Customized Mantra

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Holistic RX – Intuitive Guidance

(Virtually) with Laura for $75.00

Your unique Holistic RX recommendations, delivered to your inbox.  After we have a consultation over the phone or video chat, you will receive your own unique combination of:

  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Custom Oracle Card Reading
  • Recommended Crystals
  • Recommended Essential Oils
  • Personalized Journaling Prompts
  • Customized Mantra
  • Your Unique Affirmations
  • And more!

Your unique personality and situation will determine which of these healing energies will be recommended for you.  No two Holistic RX recommendations are the same!

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William’s Story

How many of you know the story behind my jewelry, The Will2WOW? My jewelry business is named after my son, William Owen Weigel! His initials are WOW and he has the Will to WOW us all!

It was the day after Christmas 2008. William and his twin sister Katie went down for their 10:00 AM naps. Katie woke up from her nap, but William unfortunately did not! I checked in on William after I made Katie her lunch and he opened his eyes groogily, and then he appeared to fall back asleep. My mother came in the room as well and we rationalized that he must still be tired because the previous day had been Christmas. About 20 minutes later I asked my sister who was visiting for the Holidays to please check on Will again, as I was beginning to feel concerned! next thing I know my sister is holding William in her arms at the top of the stairs saying that she can’t tell if he is breathing. My sister found him unresponsive in his crib…

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Let’s see some jewelry!

My bracelet arrived today and it’s just beautiful!! Fast service, beautiful packaging and the insert cards are so nice.
I was pleased from start to finish!
Thank you!
-Mindy Horsey
Laura standing behind @Will2Wow_jewelry is absolutely amazing! I knew that since our first conversation. She is an expert in healing crystals, their properties and how to put them together to get absolutely beautiful piece of art with powerful properties.
She is doing her work with love and care always thinking about her customer… I am absolutely delighted I met her and working with her is a real pleasure. I’m just waiting for my third @will2wow_jewelry bracelet and as always I am amazed how beautiful work she does and how easy is to get in touch with this warm, kind and loving woman.
-Monika Kuriata, Yoga Expert