Laura is absolutely amazing!

Dear Laura,
Know that people want to come see you to get a hit of that miraculous energy you share! It would be hard to put into words, the gratefulness I feel towards you. All the jewels in the whole wide world cannot hold a little candle to the shining heart of yours!

-L. Drucker


Thank you!

My bracelet arrived today and it’s just beautiful!!

Fast service, beautiful packaging and the insert cards are so nice.
I was pleased from start to finish!
Thank you!
-Mindy Horsey


Love it!

Thank you, Laura for the valuable insight & resources!

And thank you for the beautiful Crystal Journal…

All printed out and ready to go!
-Margareta Thorson


So grateful!

So grateful…

Laura thanks so much for last night’s Full Moon ritual!

It was really special and so needed.
Grateful and thankful for this space.
-Robin Dalmiras


Your attention to everything makes wearing your jewelry so special



At The Will2Wow, we use genuine, authentic crystals, stones & precious metals. Unfortunately, there are many online retailers who are importing fakes from China & Hong Kong and are passing them off as authentic crystals.

Oftentimes, these fakes arrive to the US already assembled from a factory who’s working conditions are less than desirable for the workers.

Not only is this unethical, it also carries with it negative energy.

With The Will2Wow, you have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll always receive genuine crystals and every piece is handcrafted in my Las Vegas studio.


We ONLY buy the highest quality crystals from humanely sourced mines. Our crystals are sourced from around the world from reputable wholesalers that we have trusted for years.

All of our crystals & gemstones are mined from indigenous sources and are not lab-created or chemically altered. By working with trusted suppliers, we are supporting the local economy & populations of places like Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and other places all around the globe.

Many of my suppliers are supportive of Will’s journey and are happy to offer The Will2Wow first choice and a premium selection of crystals for our designs.


Every time you place an order, in addition to your items, you will receive:

  • A protective fabric pouch to store your pieces
  • Crystal meaning card(s) to identify each crystal and remind you of its healing properties
  • A tracking number to track your shipment
  • Email updates on your order status

Many of our customers request custom pieces for specific intentions and results. When you place a custom order, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your consultation.

STEP 1: Complete your order for the Design Fee

The design fee does not include the crystals you choose for your design.

STEP 2: Choose the crystals you’d like to have included in the piece.
If you need help choosing a crystal, let me know after checkout and I will be happy to recommend the right crystals for your specific needs or goals.

The design fee remains the same regardless of the type of piece requested (necklace, earrings, etc) and the amount of stone used.

STEP 3: Once you’ve selected your crystals, you will receive an invoice for the your custom-created crystal healing jewelry.

This is in addition to the Custom Design Fee.
The average final price of custom created healing crystal jewelry is between $45 & $75 per piece, depending on the stones you select.If you are creating a custom healing bracelet stack (multiple bracelets) or a matching set (earrings, bracelet & necklace), the Custom Design Fee remains the same for the entire order!
Due to the nature of custom orders, please expect delivery within 7-14 days of our consultation.

Crystal jewelry is a wonderful option for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays and more.

To have your order shipped to a different address, simply fill out the shipping address on the order form.

Not sure what to give?

Gift Cards are available in amounts from $10 to $250.  You will receive an email with your Gift Card to send anywhere in the world.



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