Are you ready to discover how crystals can transform your life?

You want to feel better, reduce stress, relieve pain and maybe even attract specific things into your life, such as more financial abundance, the right partner...or even a new baby.

I’m Laura Thompson Weigel and I help women (and some men!) do all this and more -- using the subtle and beautiful power of crystals.

I certainly didn’t start out as a crystal healer. In fact, I got my degree in special education. Since my younger brother was born with Angelman’s Syndrome (a neuro-genetic disorder often mistaken for cerebral palsy or autism)  I’ve always had a passion and mission to help children with special needs.

Little did I know how that would hit home again in a very personal and traumatic way. After I had challenges conceiving, I became pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl with the help of an acupuncturist. They were normal, happy, perfect babies. But at 10 and a half months, at my twins’ first Christmas, my son, Will, didn’t wake up from his nap. At some point, he had stopped breathing. Since brain damage starts within four minutes of limited oxygen, Will suffered an anoxic brain injury. That meant that in an instant, he became a special needs child.

The acupuncturist who had helped me conceive would come to treat Will as we searched for any means to help him heal. One day she brought crystals to aid in her work. I felt an instant attraction to them, and my passion for crystals was born.

The word “crystal” is believed to be derived from the Greek word Krustullos, which means ice. Until the 1500's many ancients believed crystal stones were eternal ice sent from the heavens.

Crystals have certainly been heaven-sent for me. These amazing and beautiful stones have been instrumental in my life, helping me to enhance my son’s healing as well as my own.

Now I love to intuitively choose and Reiki-infuse just the right stones for my clients, whether I use them individually or in jewelry, and combine them with other modalities such as essential oils, teas, meditation rituals and more to create a complete holistic practice.

The crystals and crystal jewelry I sell in my online shop go to fund Will’s treatment, both traditional and alternative holistic treatments like Reiki, sound therapy and of course crystals. I’ve been able to wean him off virtually all his medications and eliminate his seizures… and I look forward to so many more milestones to come.

I also love to teach others how to use crystals and other alternative healing therapies to enhance their own lives. You can connect with me on a deeper level and learn more in my private Facebook group here.

And stay tuned for my upcoming book, Holistic Crystal Rx Remedies, that will walk you through how I prescribe different crystal remedies and how you can self-heal everything from sleeplessness to infertility, using not only crystals but all the other complementary practices above, to find just the right combination for you.


Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey. I’m so honored to be able to share it with you.



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