Collection: Releasing Blend

Tune in and listen to your emotions, they are here  to teach you.

Emotions are just energy, and they will get stuck in our bodies, so..... it’s important to allow them to flow.

For example, when I almost lost my son, I was understandably very upset and bitter. I began having severe pain that was constantly moving from my chest, to my back, and my upper stomach. I couldn’t identify the cause. I went to the ER a few times and I was told it was gas pain...... which of course I knew was not true.

The pain became so intense, that I couldn’t stand up so I again went to the ER, this time they ran tests and they discovered that my gallbladder was about to rupture and I needed emergency surgery. My Acupuncturist / dear friend, called me, and explained that we carry emotions of regret and bitterness in our gallbladder. She explained to me, that we need to feel our emotions and let them move, or they will show up physically and by that time it is often times too late.

Thank goodness it wasn’t to late for me, and I can live without my gallbladder, but the wake up call did teach me to stop stuffing my feelings.

We feel things for a reason, and we need to honor those feelings. .

Do you need help releasing stuck emotions?

Releasing Blend

Selenite~ Cleansing and purifying, clears out stuck energies, feelings, and emotions from your energy field

Tourmalinated Quartz~ This powerful stone has the healing properties of Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. The Black Tourmaline is protective, it releases and draws out unwanted energies and stuck emotions. The Clear Quartz amplifies the healing properties of the Black Tourmaline.

Hematite~ A Protective stone that defects unwanted and harmful energies. Helps you to make decisions and it balances the emotions.