Collection: Full Moon in Capricorn

Healing Crystals for the New Moon in Capricorn
-Tiger's Eye to aid you in embracing your personal power
-Ruby to calm your mind and improve concentration
-Smokey Quartz for grounding and to help rid your body of negative emotions
-Moonstone to connect with the energy of the Moon

This Full Moon in Capricorn is especially powerful because it is opposite of the Sun and Mars, both intense energies.  This moon's energy will bring to the surface opposing energies in your life and encourage you to reach a calming state of balance.  

This is also a time that your New Moon intentions set on June 23rd will begin to manifest themselves into reality as the Full Moon represents harvest time. 

The Full Moon will intensify any emotion that is swirling in your subconscious. Take the time to reflect, meditate and feel into what your body is telling you.  Try not to react to these intense feelings.  Instead, take your favorite journal and get all of those thoughts out and on paper.  Trust your intuition to discern what is real for you vs what your body is "picking up" from the energy of the Full Moon.  Remember, this Full Moon is the embodiment of opposing energies and forces.  

Capricorn is the ruler of your emotions and emotions bring you personal power.  Emotions are literally Energy in Motion.